Do It Yourself Tips

So your windows are dirty and you want to try to do it yourself.  Here’s some advice to make your window cleaning experience easier.

Mike Hatcher of Window Magic at work.
Wipe the edge first with a microfiber rag and then start your squeegee in the dry area. Pull smoothly across the window.

1.  Learn to use a squeegee.  Using Windex, vinegar, or anything else with a rag, towel or newspaper will make your windows look good for about a week.  Then the hidden swirls you made when you were polishing the glass will show up and you’ll be back where you started.  When used correctly, the squeegee pulls all the soapy water over to the edge leaving most of the glass surface perfectly clean.

2.  Use a bucket of water and a small squirt of Dawn or Palmolive dish soap.  Less soap is better.  Then you can use an professional applicator or a micro fiber rag to wash the glass.

3.  Now take a dry rag and wipe the top and one side edge of the window.  Starting in the dry area where you just wiped, pull the squeegee across the window.  Wipe the edge of the squeegee and do it again overlapping the last pass until the window is clean.

4.  Next use another microfiber rag to wipe up the extra water on the sills and around the edges after you squeegee the glass.  Then use a lent free cotton rag to detail the window edges.

5.  A dirty screen will make the window behind it dirty if the wind blows or if it rains.  Brush your screens and rinse them with your hose.  Be sure to pat them dry with a towel to get most of the water off of them so they don’t stain before you put them back in place.  Our hard water in So. Cal. will stain anything.

6.  Be sure to follow the safety directions on your ladders.  You can find them printed on the sides of the ladder.  Ladders are rated for weight too.  Make sure the ladder you are using is sturdy enough.  I know too many homeowners who have fallen off their roofs or ladders causing serious injuries.  Safety first.

7.  Be careful when using a razor scraper on tempered glass.  Tempered glass may have defects in it that can cause you to leave scratches wherever you scrape.

A do it yourself person might have problems here.
After each pass, wipe the edge of the squeegee and then pull another pass.

8.  If you find that during or after you finish your project you’re aren’t getting the results you wanted, please give me a call and I will come out and save you.  Do it yourself window cleaning is not as easy as it looks.

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