Here are some various business resources and recommendations for you. I only recommend businesses that I have done business with in the past. So you can trust that each of the following individuals and companies listed below have met my high standards. If you use one of the following resources and for some reason you not happy with their work or with them, please call me or use the contact us page on this site to let me know what happened. I very much appreciate your input.

Recommended Business Services

Cleaning and Home Repair:
Window Screens
Mike brushing off a window screen.
It is important to clean and maintain your window screens.

La Verne Screen Mobile (Dale)
Phone number: (909) 599-0559

San Dimas Hardware (You’ll save money here, but you may have to leave them for repair)
(909) 599-2113

Blinds, drapes, and carpet and upholstery cleaning

MCC Carpet Cleaning
(909) 598-1700

Den’s Blind Cleaning Service
(909) 945-9748

Maid Service

Annie’s Clean Sweep
(888) 853-3331


New Windows
Mike cleaning a window.
Cleaning your windows will help them last longer.

Chris Ventana
(909) 578-5855

Hometime Windows and Doors –¬†Upland
5 star rating on Yelp
(135 reviewers as of 6/17)
(909) 982-1400

Glass Replacement Service

Cherry Glass – Pomona
(909) 869-6377

Handyman Service

Handyman Unlimited
(909) 592-9500

Barry Clark
(626) 482-1934

Gary’s Carpentry
(626) 335-5410

Janitorial Supplies

Foothill Vacuum & Janitorial
(909) 982-8226

Dickinson Janitorial Supplies
(909) 944-2874

Other Window
Cleaning Resources

Crystal Clear (Alexes & Greg)
(909) 599-2006
(San Dimas, CA)

Tall resources buliding.
This ones to big for me but it is a cool picture.

Sparkle Window Cleaning (Craig)
(951) 756-5092
(Lake Elsinore/Riverside area)

PacifClear (Troy)
(949) 361-1284
(South Orange County)


Computer Repair

Streamline Computers
Butch Barbata
(909) 985-5755

Landscaping and Gardening

Damian Landscaping
(626) 806-6026

Office Supplies

Ultimate Business Source
(800) 871-8661

large white home
LeAnn can find you one of these….

Lea Ann DeFazio
Hill Top Reality
(626) 650-0309

Mobile Home Realtor

Mary Bruchet
Maple Ridge Mobile Homes
(909) 455-6609

Parties and Event Planing

Rhythm Entertainment
(888) 386-3562

Window Cleaning Associations

Highrise window cleaner resource
This high rise window cleaner probably belongs to the IWCA.

Window Cleaning Network

Master Window Cleaners of America

International Window Cleaning Assoc.