Preventing Scratched Glass

Does this new home have scratched glass? Scratched glass can be a real problem. So it’s better to try to prevent scratches from happening rather than having to replace the glass. That can get very expensive.

One major problem in the glass industry is that some glass manufactures have been selling tempered glass with microscopic defects called ‘fabricating debris’.  You can’t see them but your razor blade scraper will find them.  Once dislodged they travel with your scraper blade and scratch your windows.

The glass industry fix for this problem is to state that ‘window scrapers are not to be used to clean their windows’.  That’s fine as long as there’s no paint, plaster, or anything else that won’t come off with regular window washing.  Let the buyer beware, the only real fix for this issue is to buy better glass.

So how do you prevent most scratches from occurring while cleaning your windows?  I don’t have the space here to go into all the details, but here’s a few tips you can use:

1. Don’t use colored kitchen scrub pads to clean your glass.  The colored pads have abrasives in them and that will scratch your windows.  However, the white ones are usually safe to use.

2. When you paint, plaster or do any construction around your home, cover your windows.  I’m sure you’ve heard this before, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’.

3. If you do get paint, plaster, etc. on your glass don’t scrape it off dry.  Wet the window with a soapy solution (dish soap and water) before you use a scraper.

4. The very best way to prevent scratches on your windows is to have an experienced professional clean them for you.


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