It’s Window Cleaning Day!

Here are some things you can do to make your window cleaning day appointment smooth and save you money too.

1.  Please don’t schedule your window cleaning appointment on the same day your gardener is coming.  I love ‘Mow and Blowers’ when I’m not there.  They blow dust all over your home getting the windows dirty and creating more business for me.  However, not a good idea on the same day that I’m cleaning your glass.

2a.  If you decide to wash off your home, please do it at least 3-5 days prior to your window cleaning appointment.  This way the outsideMike cleaning glass on your window cleaning day. vegetation, soil, and window sills/tracks will be dry when I arrive.  This is especially true if you want the tracks cleaned.  I’ve seen them full of water making it very difficult and time consuming to clean.*

2b.  Before you wash off your home, remove your screens.  If you hose them off and let them dry in place they will surely stain and I will have to charge you more to re-wash them.*

*Note: Best thing to do is have an expert like me power wash your home.  I will remove your screens, de-cobweb your eves and walls, and power wash your home making it look like new again.  Call for an estimate today!

3.  Remove any fragile or valuable items from your inside window sills before I arrive.  I’m as careful as possible with your stuff, but accidents happen.  Why take the chance?

4.  Some of my clients go to great lengths to clear a path to their windows for me.  While I appreciate their efforts sometimes they go a bit too far.  Most of the time I can move your furniture out of the way myself.  Also, I’m 6′ 4″ tall so I can lean over and clean them from a distance too. Let me look at it before you strain your back.

5.  Payment: I accept cash and checks only.  Sorry, it’s not practical for me to accept credit cards at this time.


Additional Services I Offer

I can clean just about anything made of glass including:
Mirrored Closet Doors
Ceiling Lights
Wardrobe Mirrors
Mirrored Walls
Glass Table Tops
Bathroom Mirrors


Call today for a free estimate.

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