Helpful Window Info

1.  Are your windows getting harder to open?  Here’s some window info ideas that might help:

The window info on this house is pass it by.
How would you like to clean windows on this house? Yikes!

1a.  Aluminum frame windows and Sliders:  Clean the tracks and then spray some Silicon Spray or Lemon Pledge furniture polish on the bottom track.  Silicon spray dries without residue and will keep your tracks working smoothly.  The downside is it doesn’t smell that great and you’ll have to keep applying it about every two weeks or so.  Lemon Pledge smells better and lasts a little longer. Most people don’t know this trick and either replace the windows or use WD40 on the tracks which attracts dirt and leaves a gummy residue. Then they get dirty faster and wear out faster.  Your choice….

1b.  Plastic frame windows and Sliders:  Clean the tracks and then spray some Pledge on the bottom track.  You can also use this trick on windows that slide up and down.  This is a cool idea and works great.  The Pledge has wax that acts as a lubricant, it lasts a long time, repels dirt and smells good.  What’s not to love?

2.  Sliding glass door screen sticking?

Make sure the tracks are clean before you try to adjust them.  With most sliding screens, the top of the screen fits in-between a runner in the frame of the door and the bottom wheel rides on an razed lip.  The wheels on bottom and top of the screen are adjustable with a small phillips screwdriver.  Try to adjust the screen so it has a little play in it but not so it will fall off the track. Here’s some good window info:  Try a little silicon spray (aluminum frame) or Lemon Pledge (Plastic frame) too.

3.  Foggy windows or permanent hard water stains?

Foggy windows are caused by moisture getting in-between the panes of glass (dual pane windows). You can spend lots of money replacing the window or you can hide the problem behind some sheer drapes.  Sheer drapes let the light through but also allow for privacy and will effectively hide the window defect.

4.  Hard water stains?

The best window info I can give you is don’t let tap water sit on your glass for any length of time.  Hard water stains form quickly and if you ignore them, it can do permanent damage to your glass.  If it’s only been a couple of weeks or less, try rubbing vinegar on them.  Less than two months?  Try CLR or Lime Away.  Longer?  Call me, I’ve got some professional cleaning chemicals that can clean off most of the hard water stains you have.  I can also apply a protectant that can help prevent any further damage.


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It is the wise homeowner who hires a professional window cleaner to remove post construction debris from their windows.

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